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January 08, 2008



the scene: night tech support dungeon, random startup ISP #4,736, sometime 1998

amy: good evening, BGN tech support, how may i assist you?
caller: yeah, hi, i just got home with my new computer, got the boxes right here, and i need to get on the internet. can you help me?
amy: certainly sir. the number you want is (proceed to give toll free number to AOL New Accounts).
caller: great, thanks for your help!
amy: have a great evening!

never heard from him again. =D


No wonder we have to follow so many rules about privacy -- the students certainly aren't paying attention to it.

I once had a student get VERY upset with me when I refused to take a form he needed to drop off at the Registrar after they had already closed for the day. He insisted that since I was going to be in the building anyway when they were open the next morning I should take care of it for him. Because paying for college means the staff are your lackeys.


My exchanges with tech people at my university usually go something like this:
me: Aaaaaaaaah! My computer/printer/internet is broken!!! Please please please help me!!!
Tech person: Let me play with your computer for 5 minutes.
(He/she proceeds to click on things I never knew you could click on.)
--5 min later--
Tech person: OK. Fixed.
Me: I love you!!!


Eeek. I think I'm group 4. I hope I am at least. And I appreciate people like you who are actually still willing to help us after all those other people...

(BTW...Decemberists=awesome. great reference)

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